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Radiology Department

At AHCH, we are committed to providing exceptional radiology and diagnostic imaging services that contribute to accurate diagnoses and effective medical treatments. Our mission is to enhance healthcare outcomes by offering state-of-the-art imaging technologies and a team of experienced radiologists and medical professionals.

Advanced Imaging Diagnostics


We offer high-resolution X-ray imaging to visualize bone structures, identify injuries, and aid in diagnosing various medical conditions.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

Using advanced CT technology, we create detailed images to help diagnose conditions like internal injuries, tumours, and vascular diseases.


Our skilled radiologists perform ultrasound scans to visualize internal organs and guide various medical procedures.


We provide digital mammograms for early detection of breast abnormalities, contributing to women's health and well-being.

Precision and Expert Analysis

Accurate Diagnosis for Informed Care

Our dedicated team of radiologists and imaging specialists ensures precise image acquisition and interpretation. We collaborate with referring healthcare providers to provide accurate diagnoses that enable informed treatment decisions.

Responsive and Timely Reports

Understanding the urgency of medical diagnoses, we provide rapid report generation and delivery, facilitating swift medical interventions and reducing patient anxiety.

Interventional Radiology Services

In addition to diagnostic imaging, we offer minimally invasive interventional procedures guided by imaging technologies. These procedures help treat conditions such as blood vessel diseases, tumors, and pain management.

Women's Imaging

We offer a range of imaging services tailored to women's health, including gynecological imaging, and bone density scans.

Collaboration with Healthcare Providers

We work closely with referring physicians and healthcare teams to provide comprehensive diagnostic insights, contributing to personalized patient care plans.

Continued Technological Advancements

Our commitment to excellence drives us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in radiology. We continually invest in the latest imaging equipment and techniques to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our services.

Doctors for Radiology

Dr. Chakshu Patel



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Dr. Chinmayi B. Prajapati


MD Radiology

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Dr. Subhash H. Joshi



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  • Radiology is a medical specialty that uses medical imaging techniques such as X-rays, MRI, and CT scans to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

  • Radiology procedures are generally safe and low-risk, but the level of radiation exposure varies by procedure.

  • Radiology is used to diagnose fractures, tumors, infections, and internal organ conditions, among other issues.

  • Some procedures may require fasting or contrast agents, and your healthcare provider will provide instructions if needed.

  • The turnaround time for results depends on the type of test and the facility, but some results may be available within hours.

  • Yes, imaging can help detect and monitor the progression of cancer and the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Age restrictions may apply to certain procedures, and your healthcare provider will determine what is appropriate for you.

  • Yes, advanced imaging techniques like MRI and CT scans are used to diagnose neurological conditions.

  • These imaging techniques provide detailed views of the developing fetus and can detect abnormalities.

  • Radiology services are available in emergencies to quickly assess and diagnose injuries or medical conditions.

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