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Pathology Laboratory

AHCH Medical Center's Laboratory Medicine Department is your trusted partner for precise and prompt diagnostics in Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad. Reach out to us to access a comprehensive array of laboratory services and dependable test results.

Our cutting-edge Pathology Laboratory at AHCH is committed to serving patients round the clock, ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses. We firmly believe that excellence is never coincidental; it emerges from a deliberate commitment, dedicated effort, intelligent guidance, and expert execution.

Scope of Services


Our meticulous analysis of blood samples aids in the diagnosis and management of various blood-related disorders.

Clinical Biochemistry

Through comprehensive biochemical testing, we provide valuable insights into metabolic and organ function.

Immunology and Serology

Our immunological assessments offer crucial data about immune responses and the presence of infectious agents.


Uncovering microbial insights through advanced testing, we play a pivotal role in disease detection and management.

High Tech Equipments

  • Cell Counter CBC - CelltacES - Nihon Kohden, PCE 525 - Erma
  • Electrolyte - OPTI CCA-TS - OPTI CCA-TS, CTS 400 - B & E
  • Coagulation - MispaClog - Agappe
  • Protein Analyzer- Mispa i3 - Agappe
  • Immunofluorescence - Mispa Revo - Agappe
  • BioChemistry Wet Semi Auto - RX 50 V - Micro Lab
  • BioChemistry Wet Fully Auto - A 15 - Bio Systems
  • Immunoassay - Vidas Kube - Biomerieux
  • Urine Analyzer - CLINITEK - Siemens

Doctors for Pathology

Dr. Hina Chauhan


MBBS, MD Pathology

View Profile

Dr. Nirukt Acharya


MBBS, Diploma in Clinical Pathology

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  • Pathology is a medical specialty that involves the study of diseases and their causes. Pathologists analyze tissue samples, blood, and other specimens to provide diagnoses.

  • Pathologists play a critical role in diagnosing diseases, guiding treatment decisions, and monitoring disease progression.

  • Common tests include blood tests, biopsies, and cytology exams, among others.

  • Turnaround times vary depending on the type of test and the urgency of the situation. Some results may be available within hours, while others may take days.

  • Most pathology tests are minimally invasive and involve little to no pain.

  • Yes, pathology tests can detect a wide range of diseases, including cancer and infections.

  • Fasting may be required for specific tests, and your healthcare provider will provide instructions if needed.

  • Pathology results are typically shared with the ordering physician, who will discuss them with the patient.

  • Yes, pathology can provide information that guides personalized treatment plans, especially in cancer care.

  • Pathology services are available for patients in hospitals, clinics, and outpatient settings.

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